What is MyTopia?

MyTopia is a multiple choice, city building simulation game commissioned as part of the second annual Waterline Summit and being developed by local companies Edenic Group and Clay10, in collaboration with Marketing Humber. 

The game enables players to build a “green city” through multiple choice questions which, in turn, cause various elements around the city to change. The purpose of the game is to demonstrate the complexities of the cause and effect relationship between the choices we make today and the impact on environment, economy and lifestyle this may lead to in the future in a simple and fun platform.

Why we made it?

Our goal with the game is to show the cause and effect relationship between the actions we take today and the environmental and economic impact of these in the future. We hope that, by getting children and young adults to play the game, we can encourage conversation and awareness of decarbonisation and the Humbers role in creating a zero carbon economy

About the Waterline Summit

The Waterline Summit 2020 is set to return even bigger and better. The week-long event will be hosted online increasing our reach to new heights.

Aligned with COP26 and the government’s agenda, this year’s event will showcase the Humber’s innovative expertise like no other. Focusing on ‘how to’ develop, finance and scale transformational projects upwards from policy through to operations. The event will bring together all elements of place, demonstrating how we all have a part to play in achieving a net-zero carbon economy for the Humber.

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The online Summit is free to attend and remains the ideal opportunity to learn more about how the Humber region is working towards a zero-carbon economy and what sustainable careers are in store for our future leaders.

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